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Dr. Tarek Abdelhamid M.D.; MLitt (Edu)

Dr. Tarek Abdelhamid

Dr. Tarek Abdelhamid M.D.; Mlitt (Edu) was graduated as a Medical Doctor from Cairo University-School of Medicine (1984). Later on, he specialized in Internal Medicine and Medical Education. Dr. Tarek developed one of the most innovative Medical Educational models (The Multidimensional Learning Model). Based on Dr. Tarek’s model, which he has developed at The University of Auckland School of Medicine and Health Sciences and was published in Medical Education Online (USA), he was considered the first person in history to effectively integrate cognitive psychology (memory studies) into the field of Medical Education.

Dr. Tarek practiced and taught medicine in several parts of the world including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and USA. In the meantime, Dr. Abdelhamid lives in the United States. In the recent years, Dr. Tarek launched Med-Learn YouTube Channel for Medical-Education to teach different topics in Internal Medicine. The Channel (launched Oct 18 2014) has attracted more than 36,000 subscribers from the medical community (Currently from more than 80 countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, USA, Ukraine, and many others) and more than 1.6 Million views. Important Note: When Dr. Tarek passed his USMLE Examination his performance band was beyond the maximum of the American scales for the exam in 9 major topics such as Internal Medicine, Understanding Mechanism of Disease, Immunologic Disorders, Nutrition, and many others (See the asterisk in the attached USMLE documents).

Univertisy of Auckland